> What is a podcast? 

Good question! It’s a recording. That’s it.

And instead of playing that recording on your turntable (1960s), 8-track player (1970s), cassette deck (1980s), Walkman (1990s), or iPod (2000s), today you play your podcast right from your smartphone — you know, that device that’s with you wherever you go.


> Aren’t podcasts hard to find and play on your phone?

Nope. Regardless of what phone you have — iPhone, Android, etc. — there’s an app for that. And usually, it’s right on your home screen. Just press the Podcast app, and once it opens, click search to find the podcast you want.


> Do people actually listen to podcasts?

Yes. Lots of them, and more every day. According to Podcast Insights:

  • 44% (124 million) of the US population has listened to a podcast – up from 40% in 2017
  • 26% (73 million) listen to podcasts at least every month – up from 24% in 2017
  • 17% (48 million) listen to podcasts weekly – up from 15% in 2017

But for brands, the raw numbers aren’t as important as this fact: When people listen to podcasts, they most frequently listen all the way through. 

Here’s what Wired reports in Podcast Listeners Really Are the Holy Grail Advertisers Hoped They’d Be: “Podcast listeners are making it through about 90 percent of a given episode, and relatively few are skipping through ads. Across the podcast ecosystem, the results are similarly uplifting.”


> Who listens to podcasts?

The kind of people you want to reach. Podcast Insights:

  • 45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K – vs 35% for the total population
  • 27% of US podcast listeners have a 4-year college degree – vs 19% for US pop


> How do you measure success? 

That’s one of the key items we determine with you. After all, what matters to you:

  • Do you want to measure amount of time listeners spend with your branded podcast?
  • Do you want to attach a call to action — and measure the outcomes there?
  • Do you care about qualitative measures — how do listeners feel about your brand?

We’re rigorous in ensuring that we focus on the measurements that matter to you.


> Why is a podcast effective?

Your audience member has actively chosen to listen.

The experience is pleasant: No annoying popups; no flashing ads; no disruptions.

You have your audience member’s attention: People listen to podcasts in their car, while walking the dog, while doing dishes — while doing activities where the podcast serves as their sole engagement, as opposed to online ads, where users are trying to find information on the web, only to get interrupted by an annoying pop-up.


> How do we decide what the podcast is about?

We do that with you.

We’re not just podcast producers — we’re marketers and journalists. We learn from you:

  • What’s your brand about?
  • What’s your business strategy?
  • What’s your marketing strategy?
  • How can this tool — a podcast — connect your brand with your audience in ways that support your strategy and advance your business goals?


> Who handles the logistics? 

We do.

We are relentless about customer service. We know this needs to be easy and flawless for you. We handle everything from booking to interviewing to editing to writing to posting.


> Do I get to review the podcast before it’s posted? 



> Can transcripts be made? 

Of course. In fact, we recommend it — transcripts offer SEO-rich content that act as excellent blog posts and feed extensive social media content.


> How does pricing work? 

Depends. Sorry. We know that’s not overly helpful.

Pricing depends on: Number of podcasts, frequency, transcripts.

The key: We know any marketing spend has to be cost-effective and measurable.


> Can’t I do this myself?

Sure! But please feel free to call us if you find it more difficult than you thought… we’ll be happy to help!