Conversations with leading voices in American education, health and child development. The 180, sponsored by Turnaround for Children, explores how to transform 21st century education – how to turn it around – using 21st century science. Listen at Apple Podcasts or Turnaround for Children.

Episode Examples


Todd Rose — Talent Is Everywhere

Rose — Co-Founder, Populace and Director, Laboratory for the Science of Individuality at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education — explains that as the global workforce undergoes a once in a century transformation wouldn’t it make sense to also reconsider our inputs into that workforce: The way we recognize talent and help all children grow and learn? 

jim_sheltonJim Shelton: Education Innovation — Improving Opportunity, Equity & Outcomes

Mention innovation in America, and what comes to mind? Silicon Valley? NASA? Tech firms? Shelton thinks: Education. He wonders: Why, as we learn more about the Science of Learning and Development, shouldn’t education – like, say, the military – have a full research & development infrastructure? Shelton served as Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Education & President of Education at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Today he is Chief Investment and Impact Officer at Blue Meridian Partners.

1140-purpose-prize-pamela-cantor.imgcache.rev11e8d85b0be3da06c6db4cd63ac276a8-e1584720528619Coronavirus: Keeping Our Children and Ourselves Safe, with Dr. Pamela Cantor

In this special edition, Pamela Cantor, M.D., Turnaround for Children’s Founder and Senior Science Advisor, discusses how to address the fear, stress and disruption caused by the pandemic.

lindadarlinghammondLinda Darling-Hammond: Out of the Lab and into the Classroom

What will it take from schools in communities and through public policy to make education work for every child in America? Darling-Hammond, president and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute and President of the California State Board of Education, has some ideas.

Nasir_NailahSuadNa’ilah Suad Nasir: Race, Identity & Equity in Education

Race in America is a daily part of nearly every aspect of our lives including, of course, education. And that intersection where race, identity, equity and education all meet – that’s where Nasir, Spencer Foundation President, has dedicated her research, action, and career.