Global logistics leaders reveal the stories, solutions and secrets behind making the impossible happen every day. Quick Global Priority Logistics take us inside global supply chains, explaining how to keep business — and life — moving. Listen at: Apple Podcasts.


  • Quick Global Priority Logistics creates a new way to engage the audiences that matter, securing ideas and insights from thought leaders in a highly time-efficient way.
  • Each program focuses on the many variables that go into keeping a global supply chain running smoothly – and what goes into managing logistics for industries including healthcare, life science, aviation and technology companies around the world.
  • With each conversation, Quick gains a podcast, SEO-rich transcript, plus social media content.

Episode Examples

MarieVigliaroloIntroduction to QuickConversations, with Marie Vigliarolo

Quick’s Senior Vice President of Marketing discusses the launch of the QuickConversations podcast. Whether it’s a life-saving drug, to an organ for transplant, to delivering the airplane part needed to get your grounded flight back in the air – these are shipments where expert execution is all part of a day’s work and not negotiable.

q2sTWx6r_400x400Tech & IT Logistics in the Time of Coronavirus, with Mike LoRusso

This episode was recorded on Mar. 30, 2020 in New York City – the current epicenter of the coronavirus. But wherever it’s traveled to, as the Sr. VP and General Manager of Quick Specialty Logistics explains, one thing is certain: COVID-19 not only represents an acute, sometimes dire health concern, but also an unprecedented impact on our global supply chains as we know them.

0Logistics that Saves Lives, with Dave Murphy

Murphy, Executive Vice President with Quick Specialized Healthcare Logistics, explains that sometimes, the world of time-critical shipping can mean the difference between life or death. Blood. Organs for transplants. Cell or gene immunotherapies. Ensuring their safe delivery – getting them often from one side of the country to the other, where a patient in a hospital waits – brings global supply chain logistics challenges to a whole new level.

Video Examples

Quick Group IT Roundtable: Managing a Crisis on the Global Stag‪e‬

Quick leverages podcast recordings also to create videos for internal and external audiences. This one features The Quick Group’s technology leaders on business continuity and supporting customers’ mission-critical logistics during a crisis—particularly when that crisis is a global pandemic.