BCG paired its internal think tank director with business, science, and academia leaders. Our host moderates the discussions, which brought the audience – forward-looking executives, c-suite, boards, policymakers – ideas & inspiration “to shape their next game.” Listen at: Strategic Conversations.


  • Conversations provide BCG a new, creative way to connect strategy with business and science
  • Audiences associate the intelligence and fresh thinking with BCG, home to new and actionable ideas

Episode Examples

4LfxkuoSMartin Reeves: Biology of Corporate Survival

As Reeves, Global Head of BCG’s Henderson Institute, and Dr. Simon Levin wrote in the Harvard Business Review: After reviewing the histories of more than 30,000 U.S. public firms over 50 years, the authors found that “businesses are disappearing faster than ever before.”

l_levinsx1200Dr. Simon Levin: Biology of Corporate Survival

An in-depth conversation with Levin, Princeton Biologist & US National Science Medal winner, and BCG’s Martin Reeves, Global Head of BCG’s Henderson Institute, on their Harvard Business Review piece that describes how biology explains corporate lifespans. 

AnoushehAnsariAnousheh Ansari: Why Exploration Matters — For Business & Society

Ansari — Prodea Systems Chair, XPRIZE board member, and astronaut — explains how, as societies, companies and individuals, we sould consider the importance and challenge of continuing to explore.