We deliver fully-produced, professional quality podcasts that support your brand and matter to the audience you care about.

  • adult-beard-business-845451Editorial: We help you identify an editorial focus and calendar
  • Interviews: Our professionals do all research, interview prep, questions, and interviewing
  • Production: We handle all set up, scheduling, recording, editing, transcripts, hosting, posting, and more
  • Distribution: We put the podcast on your website, email, social media, newsletters, and other digital channels
  • Subscribers: We set up your podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher channels
  • Audience: We provide our proven ways to build audiences

It’s not an infomercial. There’s no pitch. You’re not selling.

It’s your content. Your brand. Your audience.

Benefits of a Branded Podcasts

  • pexels-photo-583843The focus is you: Your brand is upfront and throughout
  • The content is yours: Ideas & insights you want key audiences to understand
  • The audience is loyal: They actively choose to hear what you have to say
  • The audience is interested: They want to hear your compelling content
  • Educated, affluent influencers: Your brand shines with audiences that matter
  • 100% share of voice: Unlike email or social media or websites, you have no competition with other messages. It’s all you

The result: A positive relationship – you delivering your branded knowledge and insights – to a loyal audience of listeners who matter

The Process: Simple Version

  • 1:1 conversation between a guest and host — also works with multiple guests anywhere in the world
  • We handle all logistics
  • Minor editing quickly cleans up any restarts, pauses
  • You approve the content
  • We post the content on your site – plus iTunes, Google Play, and more.
  • Want a transcript? No problem

The Process: Extended Version (for those who want all the details!)

Here’s what we do:

  1. arrows-box-business-533189Conduct initial research into potential podcast topics and guests
  2. Identify and propose potential podcast topics and guests
  3. Contact & follow up potential guests: Review conversation goals, logistics, examples
  4. Conduct full research for podcast
  5. Write and edit custom introduction & questions
  6. Coordinate all podcast logistics: Day, time, rescheduling, conference line,
  7. Execute all podcast recording technology: Conference line, professional quality audio, recording 
software, backup recording
  8. Conduct highly-professional audio conversation with guests who provide insights into the best 
practices of non-profits.
  9. Re-record intro following interview, including edits and rewrites
  10. Transfer audio files to audio editor
  11. Manage and coordinate audio editing with audio editor
  12. Review fully mixed final master audio edit; transfer to client for review
  13. Answer and resolve any questions around the final edit
  14. Make edits to final edit, as required
  15. Manage, and coordinate new edits with audio editor
  16. Conduct all follow-ups with interview guests as needed
  17. Confirm final audio approval
  18. Secure audio hosting platform
  19. Upload final audio file, metadata, art, content description, etc. to audio host
  20. Manage multiple alternative podcast distribution platforms
  21. Manage and coordinate audio transcript creation
  22. Review transcript and send to client for review and/or editing
  23. Collect and provide all podcast data from hosts and distribution channels
  24. Execute audience development strategy in conjunction with client

Here’s what you do:

  1. Enjoy