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sGs3bry9_400x400BCRF identifies world-renowned scientists and researchers who engage in human, easy-to-understand conversations about their incredible discoveries in the fight to end breast cancer.

Our host interviews the researchers in an accessible, engaging way, making complex science simple and understandable to key BCRF audiences: Donors, breast cancer patients and their families, policymakers, and influencers.


  • Human, engaging ways to deliver what differentiates BCRF – scientific research – to a non-scientific audience
  • Audiences recognize BCRF as a go-to information source — without being talked down to – and that BCRF wants to help real people understand real science behind the disease

Episode Examples

Staff portraits. Judy Garber, M.D.Breast Cancer Care and COVID-19: From the Frontlines with Dr. Judy Garber

Breast cancer — and any cancer — can be incredibly stressful under the best of circumstances. In this time of COVID-19, concerns can feel like they’re rising exponentially. So what do we all need to know?

Listen to Dr. Garber here

Eric Winer, M.D.

The De-Escalation of Therapy, with Dr. Eric Winer

How should we – patients, family, doctors – consider the careful balance in identifying patients who might benefit from less rigorous course of treatment?

Listen to Dr. Winer

walterwillett_updated3What Should I Eat? We asked Dr. Walter Willett

It’s a question Dr. Willett considers every day as a researcher focused on the intersection of diet, lifestyle and health — and as a global leader on nutrition research.

Listen to Dr. Willett

cncr32613-fig-0001-mAvoiding Chemotherapy, with Dr. Joseph Sparano

It was among the biggest cancer news stories of the year: The largest breast cancer treatment trial ever conducted showed no benefit from chemotherapy for 70% of women with the most common type of breast cancer.

Listen to Dr. Joseph Sparano

Hedvig_Hricak-e1544064187933-800x500Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives, with Dr. Hedvig Hricak

Dr. Hricak is extraordinary – in her work helping merge imaging technology with molecular medicine and in her teaching across borders.

Listen to Dr. Hedvig Hricak

ann_partridge_preferred_ann_partridge_sog_7996_13Young Women and Breast Cancer, with Dr. Ann Partridge

For young women, a breast cancer diagnosis presents a unique set of challenges not only due to age, but the biology of the disease as well.

Listen to Dr. Ann Partridge


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