Rise Of Branded Podcasts Is A ‘Mega Trend’ Says Chartable

Inside Radio reports: With interest in branded podcasts continuing to grow, the podcast advertising and analytics firm Chartable is rolling out new data metrics to help producers of branded series track the impact of their production. Dubbed Chartable for Brands, it includes an all-new Brand Impact measurement. It connects podcast downloads to down-funnel events like website visits, app installs, and purchases. The tools also include the firmographic data enrichment for podcasts. Powered by Clearbit, it will tell marketers which companies are listening to their branded podcast and which episodes are drawing in new listeners from new firms. Chartable CEO Dave Zohrob said that branded podcasts face the same challenges as all shows, with questions about who is listening, where they discovered a show, and what action they took afterward leaving many marketers scratching their heads.

Zohrob calls the rise of branded podcasts a “mega-trend” for the industry. “Chartable measured nearly 600 branded podcasts releasing their first episode in 2020, with 2021 already on pace to easily beat that number,” he said. “There are now more than 8,000 branded podcast feeds publicly available, and many more that fly under the radar on company websites.”

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