NEWS: Good Guys Podcasts Launches Education Podcast for Turnaround for Children

Today Turnaround for Children announced:

We are excited to announce that Turnaround for Children’s very own podcast, The 180, will launch this week! Featuring leading voices in American education, health and child development, The 180 explores how to transform 21st century education – how to turn it around – using 21st century science. The science explaining how children actually learn and develop is incredibly optimistic about what is possible for each and every child. If applied, it could unleash talent and potential in classrooms everywhere.

The podcast, hosted by Chris Riback of Good Guys Podcasts, and distributed by Turnaround and Working Capital Review, will debut with three episodes:

  • Pamela Cantor, MD launches The 180
  • Todd Rose wants you to see Talent and Potential in Every Child
    • Todd is Co-Founder, Populace and Director, Laboratory for the Science of Individuality at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education
  • Linda Darling-Hammond takes us Out of the Lab and into the Classroom
    • Linda is President and CEO, Learning Policy Institute and President, California State Board of Education

In subsequent episodes, The 180 will feature conversations with:

  • Karen Pittman – Co-Founder, President and CEO, The Forum for Youth Investment and Turnaround for Children Board Member
  • Jim Shelton – Senior Advisor, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Partner, Amandla Enterprises
  • Na’ilah Suad Nasir – President, Spencer Foundation

Starting this week, The 180 is available on our website, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and other channels.

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