Is Podcasting a Passing Fad or the Place to Be?

As with any new technology or content medium, podcasting faces frequent and often opposing questions, most centrally: Is podcasting a passing fad or the place to be? Andreesen Horowitz released a comprehensive 2019 research report, addressing many of the questions. Among their findings: “In the world of podcasting, the flywheel is spinning: new technologies including … Continue reading Is Podcasting a Passing Fad or the Place to Be?

Measurement & Monetization

To date, measurements and monetization efforts have been limited to Downloads: Services measure podcast downloads, which usually occur when listeners subscribe to an automated feed. However, just because a podcast is downloaded doesn’t mean it was played – or how much of it was played. Direct response ads: With pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads – … Continue reading Measurement & Monetization