Why the Timing is Right Now: Simplicity & Audience Growth

Like many other technologies, the podcast promise has outweighed its productivity – until now.

That’s because a series of factors are now aligned to make branded business podcasts a prime marketing vehicle for small- and mid-sized brands that want to drive increased direct response and new qualified leads.

The key factors that have changed in 2017:

1) Simplicity & Audience Growth

Podcasts are the fastest growing new form of media. With podcast apps delivered on every phone, finding and subscribing to podcasts is simple and easy.

According to 2017 Edison Research (here and here) and Convince & Convert:

  • 42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly, representing 15 percent of the total US population.
  • 15 percent of “Weekly Podcast Listeners” listen 10 hours or more; mean weekly listening time is 5 hours 7 minutes
  • Year-over-year growth rates for podcast listening have been remarkably consistent, with 10 to 20% increases each year
  • 41 percent of “Weekly Podcast Listeners” listen to more than 4 podcasts/week; 21 percent listen to more than 6 podcasts/week
  • While podcast consumption has been substantially more common among Americans under the age of 25, now for the first time, a larger percentage of 25 to 54 year-olds listen to podcasts monthly than any other age group.

As The Atlantic writes: “That seamless integration of podcasts in people’s lives might be the key feature of what is otherwise a relatively low-tech medium that pretty much recycles the codes and craft of radio. Flexibility and chronicity—whenever and wherever you want, but you’ll hear from us again next week—allow podcasters to build a relationship with their audience, a relationship that is made of sensations, friendliness, and familiarity. “

Next: Measurement & Monetization

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