How Do Podcasts Connect with Work Your Brand Already Does?

How the podcast will connect with your brand — and the work you already do?

A branded podcast serves as a multi-directional channel to augment and grow your entire brand and content ecosystem:

  • The podcast extends the your editorial mission to a new, powerful, growing channel
  • The podcast generates new branded content – original, compelling conversations with leading thinkers and doers
  • With transcripts, each podcast delivers text content for posting on your site (helpful for SEO)
  • Social media: Podcast & transcript clips and pull quotes can be shared on social media to driven engagement
  • Podcast guests and their organizations become additional distribution channels, pushing the content via social media, email, posts, etc.
  • Organizations (particularly .edu and .gov) that post the link provide you strong backlink strength
  • Podcast guests can come from the your existing web pages – for example, scientists featured in a published post can become a podcast guest for a more in-depth dialogue (and vice versa)
  • Podcasts can be co-distributed by other media or content channels, further extending the brand and reaching new audiences.

As IBM’s CMO said in Forbes: “Content creation has a huge effect on the sales cycle as 80% of B2B buyers consume at least three pieces of content before talking to a salesperson.”

That’s also why podcasts are fastest growing form of digital content:

  • Simple: They’re conversations, the oldest, most engaging form of communication.
  • Entertaining: They deliver ideas. Listeners explore context. You provide incredibly useful analysis. Go in depth – with style – in ways that other content formats just don’t allow.
  • Intimate: Connect with audiences during times when you can capture their attention – in the car, walking the dog, doing the dishes.
  • Smart: That’s why podcasts are the fastest growing form of thoughtful content distribution.


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